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Tuesday, 22 May 2018

Random Thought #1: Suicide

I just finish watched 13 Reasons Why and it got me thinking about suicide. Not that I want to kill myself but about the suicide itself.

Suicide is a choice. Their choices. Yes, it can be triggered by somebody else and people around them. But you can't blame other people for the choices that you make. You can not expect people to be what you're expecting. Sometimes people just a jerk, sometimes they just weak or sometimes they just afraid. So what? Don't put your life on jeopardy because of them. You have so much worth than that. Life is hard and so is people.

There is also people who choose to kill themself because they can't handle it anymore. Because they feel it's enough. Because they want a schortcut. And you can't blame them for that too. Feeling and emotion are complicated things.

One thing that I know for sure is that people who kill themself is someone who needs help.  It makes me to be more aware of people around me. They might look well, look alright but we don't know what they feel inside. They might want to scream for help but couldn't open their mouth. So, please be care.

In this matter of time, people tend to be careless. When someone they know killl themself, they will just say 'it's tragic' and then life goes on. I agree, life still can go on but it is not pathetic when you know that there is a slight of chance that you can help if you care just a little? If they still decide to do it, at least you know that you have try.

And people who finally to decide to suicide, I can't help to not judge that you are selfish. How can you not think about how people who love you that you left behind? You might think that no one care eventhough you kill yourself but nobody in this world whose not loved. You were not just came out from a turnip, were you? And don't get me started from religion point of view.

The point of this random thought is please be care, people!

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